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Early and recent photos from Eastern States track. Courtesy Jackie Lammas.





        The Blenheim Club was founded in the 1970's at which time it was called Marlborough Scramble Car Club. 
      Scramble Cars were the forerunner of what we know as stock cars. Saloons were next to come on the scene
closely followed by a variety of saloon cars. We raced at Para and then Hospital Road. We then decided to
build a Track at Foxes Island and changed our name to Marlborough Stock Car Club.
        In 1982 we had a first race season at our current track and decided again we needed a new name, so we became Sun City Speedway in the mid 80's. In 1988 we had progressed well and with the introduction of  Street Stocks, this was an added attraction as a crowd pleaser.
       During this period we changed our name again to Eastern States Speedway, which we are known as today. We have come along way since the first days of racing. In 1993 we progressed to installing lights at our Track for the introduction of night-time racing. This has proved to be very popular. In 1995 we rebuilt the entire wall, as after many years of hard racing had started to take its toll, and was in need of replacement. This again has proved to be very popular with the Drivers.
       We have a Membership of around 100 Members. The Society is administered by an Executive Committee consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Captain and Committee Members, in contrast to many other Tracks around New Zealand which are Promoter run.
      We hold Twelve race nights during the Season which commences in October and runs through till April. Race Meetings are programmed to take maximum advantage of the visiting public. Spectators at meetings average 1000 with Meetings such as NZ Stockcars night reaching 7000.

Another photo below from Jackie Lammas.