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Reg Fearman known far and wide as Fearless Fearman started his riding career in 1948 at West Ham.

His career continued at Stoke, Leicester and Western Springs, Auckland.

He lists his best achievement as receiving his racing licence from the then Captain, Eric Chitty, at West Ham Speedway on his 16th birthday 26th April 1949 in front of 40,000 people. No wonder he remembers that with such pride it can't be many people who have had such a birthday party, 40,000 people would take some beating. 

Reg has a good deal to be proud of in his long and illustrious speedway career, I'll let him tell it in his own words. Firstly, my first public appearance at Rye House, 1st August 1948 scoring 11 points for The Holiday Cup won by Dennis Gray of Wimbledon. If I hadn't fallen off in one race, I would have had a run-off. Immediately after this meeting I was banned by the Speedway Control Board and Auto Cycle Union as I was only 15 years of age and had to wait until I was 16 before I could appear in public again.

He continues with the next event that he remembers as having made him feel proud, winning the Junior Conran Trophy at West Ham in 1949 with my mentor, Aub Lawson, winning the Senior. Next was a World Championship round at West Ham in 1949 with my name sandwiched between those of Vic Duggan and Jack Parker on all the advertising posters.

Chronologically the next memory to make his chest swell with pride was receiving a letter from the then Manager of the Speedway Control Board, Major WW Fearnley, on the 17th August 1953 in which he wrote..... "On behalf of the Control Board, I want to congratulate you on this gallant action which is in the best traditions of our sport"....which referred to my laying down my machine on 14th August at Leicester when Johnny Reason of Coventry fell just in front of me. (If I had run over him, he may not have become the millionaire he did from his transport business!!!!!) Reg told me.

Reg continues, "I was on loan to Stoke Speedway from West Ham when doing my National Service 1951 - 1953. In a National Trophy match against Liverpool Chads in 1952 at Stoke, in Heat 12 I was partnered with Derek Braithwait for what turned out to be the race of my life. Our opponents in that race were Captain Peter Robinson and 'Titch' Reid. I flashed out of the starting gate into the lead and around the first bend. I tore down the back straight into the Pit Corner and made a bad mistake. I crashed into the safety fence coming to a complete stop but with my engine still running. The other three riders went pass me but miraculously I stayed on my machine and got going again. I chased after them down the home straight and narrowed the gap. On the third lap, I passed both Braithwaite and 'Titch' Reid but Peter Robinson stayed ahead of me in the final lap up to the last bend. He left just enough room and I drove inside him and edged in front to win the race. With the 15,000 crowd shouting and waving their programmes. We won the match 55-52 but lost on aggregate. I had earned the nickname 'Fearless' a long time before this incident. finally, I am so very proud to have been a speedway rider and involved with speedway for almost 40 years on a day to day basis and to have met so many people and lucky enough to have traveled the world doing a job which has been so thoroughly enjoyable.

When asked about his worse memory he replied; several but the one which stands out in my memory is being knocked off by Ronnie Moore in a match race at West Ham, billed as the two 16 year olds, and waking upon the flood lit track surrounded by white coats with "The Dream of Olwyn" playing over the PA system - I thought I was in heaven.
Fearless Fearman retired from racing in 1961 but that was by no means the end of his involvement in Speedway.

Even before he had hung up his leathers he had become involved in Promotion being a multi-stadium promoter from 1960 to 1986.

He was Chairman for the British Speedway Promoters' Association  1973, 74, 75, 76 79, 1983, 84.
Division Two Chairman 1968, 69, 70, 71, 72.
England Test Team Manager in Australia, for the Australian Series, 1973/74 and 1977/78
England World Team Cup and World Pairs Manager.
Great Britain Speedway Test Team Manager
England Speedway Test Match Rider
Worls Speedway Riders' Association President 1992.
Reg Fearman was also and active Committee Member of the WSRA until he moved to the South of France in 2004.

What did you do in your spare time Reg, you forgot to mention?

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