Huntly Speedway, (Closed)    Just North of Hamilton.       Back to NZ Speedways.

     Photo below is of Harold Fairhurst and George Mudgeway at Huntly Easter 1945.  Lower photo at right is possibly at Huntly in
1945 and shows Snow Morris with his midget. The other car is at Huntly but driver unknown.

The original speedway in Huntly was built on the estate of  Mr W.J. Ralph in 1944. The first race meeting was on March ? in 1944. Prior to this a public meeting had been held in November of 1941 to elect a committee to organise and run the ‘Huntly Motor Racing Club’. A Mr N Anstis was a keen and enthusiastic supporter of this new sport of ‘broad sliding’. An area of Huntly Domain was cleared and a track marked out, however Japan had entered the 2nd World War &andmotor racing had to take a back seat to more serious business.



 Huntly unknown








Huntly opening day