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Many thanks to Reece and Marcel Facoory for help with this page.
The Bruce Drinkrow Memorial Speedway Hall of Fame was formed as an Incorporated Society of New Zealand in 2003. It has a Constitution and consists of 15 Executive members. The driving force behind it has been Reece Facoory, who after a two year effort to set up rules and constitution finally made it all happen.  The main sponsor for the hall is the Drinkrow family of Auckland.
     The purpose of the NZ Hall of Fame is to recognise people, whether they be competitors, officials, race car owners, club stalwarts, people who may have won World Championships, to people who have given their life time of service to our sport at club level.
Each year nominations are sought from Clubs and Individuals from all over New Zealand (anyone can make a nomination)
     From the 15 Executive members, five members each year are selected to be the judging panel. The five judges do not know who the other Judges on the panel are, thus preventing block voting.

 The nominees are judged on these categories:
—Achievement in the Sport    —  Length of service / continued involvement in the sport
—Contribution to better the Sport  —Actions as an ambassador to the Sport     

See 'photo cards' below for details on each person.     

Ronnie Moore   OBE  Speedway World Champion 1954, 59. NZ Champion 1956, 62, 68, 69.
Ivan Mauger     OBE MBE Speedway World Champion  1968,69,70,72,77,79. NZ Champion 1974, 81.
Jake Pulman  - Competitor / life time Speedway NZ official.
Ken Mullins -  Competitor Car owner / Auckland club life member.
Barry Butterworth  NZ Midget Champion  1964, 66
Bill Mudgway— Life time official, announcer at Western Springs on and off from 1951 to 1988.
Frank "Satan" Brewer  NZ Champion 1940, 41, 47    World Champion 1949, 50, 54
Bryce Subritzky   NZ Champion / NZ Test rider / mentor to young riders. He rode for Long Eaton in UK in 1964.
Roly Crowther  1945,46,52 NZ Midget Champion / Outstanding achievements.
Ross Goonan   NZ Midget Champion  1950, 54, 55, 56, 62, 63./ Outstanding achievement
Johnny Hoskins   MBE to speedway / introduced motor-bike speedway to England in 1928, NZ to Australia to England, known as
      the “Father of English Speedway”
Clive "Dusty" Rhodes   T Q Champion 1966, 67,  Founding member Kihikihi & Hawkes Bay Speedway
Wally Kilmister
 NZ Solo Champion 1936, First professional rider in NZ, Rode for Wembley 1931 to 39.
Ian Fullerton
  25 years service to Speedway. ACU, FIM, Speedway Control Board.
Ian Holden
       NZ Midget Champion  1953, 57, 59, 60, 61, 67
Johnny Missen
    “Father” of  TQ’s in NZ. New Zealand Champion 1955, 62, 71

Further members of Hall of Fame from 2009 onwards can be found here

Moore; Ronnie
Mauger; Ivan
Pullman; Jake Mullins; Ken
Butterworth; Barry Mudgeway; Bill
Brewer; Frank Subritzsky; Bryce
Crowther; Roly Goonan; Ross
Hoskins; Johnie Rhodes; Dusty
Kilmister; Wally Fullerton; Ian
Holden; Ian Missen; Johnny