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Now known as---"Top of the South Speedway" - Lansdowne Road, Appleby, Nelson.

The Tasman Car Scramble Club was formed in November 1968.  Racing was held on Sunday afternoons at Lansdowne Road and the first clay was added with cement in 1970/71.  Lights were installed for night racing in 1974 and the club name changed to Nelson Stock Car Club. Became affiliated with Speedway NZ in 1978 and changed again in 1985 to Nelson Speedway Ass..








March 1969

- First Championship.
June 1969

- Clay added to Track.- First Social Committee. - New teapot purchased for tent.


- Cement mixed with clay on one corner of track.


1972- 10 racing dates.

- Gate Prices Adults 60c children 12-15 20c. - Membership $3.
- Honorary member Dave McCall- Letter N added to Car.
- Lease signed for use of Ground.

- 9 racing dates.
- Clay added to Track.- Rothmans sponsorship - $800 and 5000 cigarettes.- Special meeting to discuss racing during petrol crisis. Still race but shorten races!

-new concrete wall added

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The Nelson Speedway Association runs Stockcars, Super Saloons, Production Saloons, Midgets, Three Quarter Midgets, Sidecars, and Streetstocks along with Youth Ministocks on a clay surface. There are generally 14 race meetings per season opening in October and closing with a two day finale at Easter.

Local runner Neville Basalaj below.

3rd in NZ Midget championship 2001-02

Second equal 2004-05






Nelson Speedway stadium from the air.

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