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Free samples --  Our club newsletter "Pit Notes" is recognised for its content of Historic and Topical motoring articles.  It has been widely read since 2003 by members throughout New Zealand plus in Australia and USA.
It is distributed to our members each month (except January). It can be mailed to the members address or emailed as a pdf copy
Pit Notes
If you live in New Zealand you can join our club here and enjoy the newsletters and attend our monthly meetings to hear our guest speakers each month. If you own a retired speedway vehicle you could attend our several "Fun runs" we have each summer (NOTE- we do not race our vehicles but enjoy driving them at our own pace in 'spirited demonstrations')  Membership is $35 for NZ members. Overseas members welcome. Ask for details.

Alternatively if you would like to receive the emailed (pdf) version of Pit Notes then annual subscription is NZ$20 for eleven copies. (None issued in January) You will have full membership rights. Contact here for details ---

Below are some free pdf samples for you to check.

August 2005--24      August 2012--99       March 2015 #138,      July 2015--131