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On December the 12th 1949 speedway opened at Tahuna Park in Dunedin. It was still running in 1952 but actual closing date not known.

A report in NZ Speedway Review of June 1950 mentions that it was  a "return" of speedway in Dunedin. It stated that the Tahuna opening was a "welcome return for speedway in Dunedin after 20 years!"
It mentioned a track called "Speedway Royale now known as Tonga Park" which had opened just before the world wide depression so closed soon after.
Some riders mentioned that rode at Royale were Jim Nesbit, Burton, Frogley, Kempster, Spinks, Matson and Wally Kilmister. (sorry about lack of  first names)

Riders at early Tahuna meetings were locals Trevor Allen, Jim O'Kane, Ashton Quinn, Evan Nesbit, Ian Shand, Bruce and Colin Marsden, Wattie Morris and Ron Ashton. There were others later but the most prominent was Ron Johnston who was couched by Rom Mason of Belle Vue in England who visited Tahuna for three weeks..

Photo at left shows Dunedin city in background left. It was a cinder track next to a camping ground and the pits were in old cavalry stables. 

(We know the track was open in December 1952 but can anyone help with history after that?)


Photo at right shows Ron Johnston on the outside of an unknown rider at Tahuna.


Can any reader supply information on the Speedway Royale track and its racing or further info on Tahuna?

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This is Ron Johnston who rode at Tahuna then went to UK in 1950 and rode for Belle Vue and Sheffield. 





Photo at right in 1950 shows 4 finalists in Otago Championship. From left Aston Quinn, runner up, Trevor Allen, Ron Johnston, winner and Jim O'Kane. Bikes and leathers were kept very clean during season as a prize of a new JAP motor was given for best turn out during year.