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       These are random images of some of the members vehicles up to Christmas 2017.

Cowley, NeilThis is Neil Cowley in his rebuilt Edmons Sprint car at the Stratford track. Below is Neil in his 'other' Edmonds which is a replica midget he built from Edmonds plans.

  Edmonds Replica


On the right we have Maurice Sattler on one of his solo bikes at Stratford.
Below is Eric Beardmore at Harrisville with his very nice Offy / Kurtis Kraft number #20.  Behind it is the Sherlock Holmes Ford V8-60 powered midget #91 from the Waiwakaiho days in 1954.  The yellow midget #14 is an ex Barry Butterworth 'VW' midget driven by owner Ian Riley at Neil Cowleys track.




The TQ #4s is owned by the McDowell's and either Brendon or father David is driving at Stratford.

A much older TQ at Ferndene is #62 built in the 1960's by Johnny Callender and now owned and driven by our President Laurie Callender.

The rider with #3 on his back is Brian Reader at Stratford blowing the cobwebs out of his "Briggo" Jawa.
The two midgets are #49, a replica early American midget with owner Allan Smail checking the wheel nuts. Car #53 is owned by Trevor Dixon.

Two oldiesBrian

Bottom right. An early display of our 'fleet' at The Inglewood show has the blue un-numbered midget built by Mike Groshiski and the dark green #2 TQ restored by Ces Budd and originally built by Ray "Baldy" Christiansen and now owned by Laurie Callender. The yellow VW in the background was originally raced by Allan Jago at Stratford.  The late Wayne Paul sits on his #54 ex Auckland midget at Stratford.