Kaikohe Speedway,    Return to NZ Speedways,

Approximately 4 km south/east of Kaikohe along State Highway 12, (before the Kaikohe Golf Course)


Photo's from left show Kaikohe speedway in 1979, 2008 and below, from the air.







      Kaikohe Speedway started in 1974, on a grass track approximately 300 meters along
the Ngawha Springs Road. Kaikohe Car Club moved to its present location along State
Highway 12, 4kms south/east of in Kaikohe 1975.

     After some slow years, in August 2002 Pubs Charity  approached two local business
people; Tony Taylor and Stuart Hutton to help get the club back on track again. Under this
new management Kaikohe Car Club saw the building of new club rooms along with other
improvements to the track and Kaikohe Car Club was recognised as an Incorporated
Society in 2002. With good management the club now have the biggest membership in the
North. The club supports all drivers and especially encourage the younger drivers.
     Every year Kaikohe Speedway hosts its annual Easter Stampede over the 2 day Easter weekend. They see competitors from all over New Zealand coming along to enjoy the fun and competition plus they normally see up to 4,500 spectators and over 200 drivers through the gates during this weekend.  
    Kaikohe Speedway was put on the world map with the recognition of Florian Habicht’s movie “Kaikohe Demolition”. There annual Easter meets along with their infamous Demolition Derbies are world known.
   We would like more info on this tracks history if anyone can help?