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The Bruce Drinkrow Memorial Speedway Hall of Fame was formed as an Incorporated Society of New Zealand in 2003. It has a Constitution and consists of 15 Executive members. The driving force behind it has been Reece Facoory, who after a two year effort to set up rules and constitution finally made it all happen.  The main sponsor for the hall is the Drinkrow family of Auckland.     For nominees pre 2010 follow this link

official 'photo cards' below for details on each person.   (Note there were entries in 2020 or 2021 due to the Covid Pandemic)                      
2010       Johnny Callender.  Maurice (Reece) Facoory.   Bob Leikis    Larry Ross. .
2011       Selwyn Burt    Geoff Mardon.      Trevor Morris.     Stephen Todd.
       Ted Tracey      Ron Ross     George Smith     Graham Standring
       Alf Mattson     Merv Neil
.   Paul Sutherland    Allan Wakeling
       Robert 'Bob' Andrews   Russell Lang   Kerry Morris   Leo Vercoe
       Les Nixon     Owen Shaw
       John Goodall  Eddie James   Dave Tomkins   Trevor Redman
       Pat Johnson (PJ)  Cliff North   Bruce Turner   Max Butterworth
       Len Gardner    Ray Alach        Peter  Bruin      Ray (Charlie)  New
       Brent Holden   Dave Jolly       Roger Bertram   Noel Goodwin
       Don O'Connor    Jack Millen    Harold Eade    Wayne Turner

Facoory Ross; Larry 
Leikis; Bob Callender; Johnny
Burt; Selwyn Marden; Geoff
Morris; Trevor Todd; Stephen
Ross; Ron Tracey; Ted
Smith; George Standring: Graham 
Mattson; Alf  Neil; Merv 
Sutherland; Paul  Wakeling; Allan 
Andrews; Bob  Lang; Russell 
Morris; Kerry  Vercoe; Leo 
Nixon; Les  Shaw; Owen 
James; Eddie  Tomkins; Dave 
Redmond; Trevor  Goodall;John 
Johnson; Pat  North; Cliff 
Turner; Bruce  Butterworth; Max 
Alach R Gardner L
Bruin Ray New
Goodwin BretHolden
Bertram Jolly  
Abernethy Horrobin    
Jones McKillop    
Don O'Connor Jack Millen    
Skip Eade Wayne Turner