Photo Gallery of Taranaki Historic Speedway Ass. Inc.

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Number 2 on right is Roly Crowther in his early V8-60 powered car.
A regular visitor to Waiwakaiho from Auckland in the 1950's

Number 13 is local Theo Dodunski. A regular and popular competitor
at early
Waiwakaiho meetings. He built this car and helped build several others. He also owned the #91 car described below as the Sherlock Holmes car.







John Arthur on right was an early competitor and first president of the
New Plymouth Speedway Club at

Below is Barry Handlin who was a regular at Waiwakaiho and shifted to live in Houston,
Texas where he also competed with an Offy powered midget.






Below is Barry sitting in his original number 44 that he drove in early visits to Waiwakaiho in 1954/55 season.
This car is now owned by Wayne Paul who is standing behind the car. The pedal car is painted to match the midget.









At right is a new addition to our club fleet. (December 2005) It's the famous Sherlock (Shock) Holmes  V8-60 car re-built here in
New Plymouth in 1954.  It had been rescued from Brisbane in Australia. The photo below  shows the group
who re-built and maintained it in the 1954  to 1956 period and includes on far left, Jake De Waard who built the live rear end
and transmission. (The car was originally built in Auckland in 1950 and tehn owned by Theo Dodunski of Opunaki for a while)
  Three Holmes brothers are in the group and all unfortunately are no longer with us. Jack with white hat,
Sherlock on his right and Peter on his left.
The small coloured photo above right
shows the condition we purchased it in. The bonnet is the main item we need to replace
 to get it back to near original but there were many other details changed in the intervening 50 years!.

  (See the group photo lower down showing it running at Waiwakaiho after it was sold by Sherlock.)






Below we have three photo's supplied by Roger Myers daughter Donna.   Left to right they are Roger Meyers at Western Springs practice. Middle is Roger in 73 and Ron Ross? in 74.   Third photo of car #8 is Vince Produrgiel, Mexico midget champion from USA at the Springs in 1939. 

This group photo is Waiwakaiho Speedway Easter Monday 1957. It is a hand coloured photo. Left to right are Bill Taylor #8, Doug McCabe #98, Barry Handlin #44, Peter Gendall in the George Amor #10 followed by Ivan Ramsden in the ex Shock Holmes V8-60 #91 (See above) and Trevor Hunter in #38. 44, 91 and 38 were visiting from Auckland for the popular Saturday night and Monday Easter meetings. Sunday racing was a no-no in those days.

The picture below is of a FRONT DRIVE midget, which admittedly never raced but was built in 1949/50 to race at the Brixton and Waiwakaiho tracks in New Plymouth. Built by Bernie Bryan it featured a Jeep front axle, Austin Seven engine mounted back to front and A7 front axle at the rear. Photo at lower left is same car registered for road use after the owner decided speedway was a little too rough and expensive.






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