Photo Gallery of the Taranaki Historic Speedway Ass. Inc.

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Most of these old midgets ran at Waiwakaiho at various times.

John Arthur  below was an early competitor and first president of the                                     Theo Dodunski and his crew with first midget.
New Plymouth Speedway Club at Waiwakaiho.Theo Dodunski

John Arthur                                                          

                                                                                                                                                               Car 39 below was built in Palmerston North in 1946 and was restored by Eric Beardmore in 2017 in New Plymouth 

LexWilsonBelow is all time favourite and regular visitor from Auckland, Roly Crowther                                  
 V8-60  number 2.

Barry Handlin                                          

Hunter           Shock

Number 38 at left is another very welcome visitor to Waiwakaiho in New Plymouth. He was from Auckland. Trevor Hunter.

The car at right 91 was originally built in Auckland then rebuilt (after crashes) by Theo Dodunski and Sherlock Holmes. Currently fully restored back in New Plymouth after running in Auckland for several years then short spells in Adelaide and Brisbane.


Barrie HandlinAt left is Roly Crowther in a car sponsored by Tip Top Ice Cream.


At right is ever popular Barry Handlin in his fabulous V8-60 powered midget. Almost the entire engine was chrome plated!






SouthwoodAt left is a midget originally built by Ron Hogan of Auckland and restored around 2010 by his son Garth Hogan. Driven in this image at Meremere by ex NZ Champ Graeme Standring.
On right is one of the very first midgets built in NZ by Len Southwood. It ran in a demonstration at Taita Speedway Wellington.