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Marac--  A tribute to Legend Ronnie Moore $25 nz  (Plus postage)

Wide open- The Solway Speedway   $15 nz (Plus postage)

Flat out- The Hutt Speedway $20 nz  (Plus postage)

The Speedway Kings of Kilbirnie $20 nz  (Plus postage)

Speedway in Christchurch- The Templeton Years $25 nz  (Plus postage)

Among the Cinders- Pre war Speedway in Christchurch  $20 nz  (Plus postage)

The Pirates of Penlee $15 nz  (Plus postage)  (See Penlee book image)

Books by the web maste --   Paddock to Podium  "The mechanics view"  $25 posted in New Zealand (Postage outside NZ contact Webmaster) webmaster@historicspeedway.co.nz  Also from the Webmaster/Dave Gifford--- Waiwakaiho SpeedwayVolumes one and two. See bottom of page for detail. Also $30 from webmaster. Reprinted by popular demand.


Paddock to PodiumReviews of this book.

"What particularly distinguishes this book from many others is that it has been written by someone who was there, in the thick of things, in his own words and supplemented with his own photographs. Max does not mince his words and has some fairly critical comments to make about certain individuals while clearly having a high regard for others. Anyone with an interest in international F1, F2 and F3 racing as it was in the 1960s should acquire this book and will not be disappointed. 
British Racing Drivers Club—Ian Titchmarsh

Sir Jackie Stewart --"Ken's mechanics were the best - better at what they did than I ever was at what I did. Mechanics were the only true professionals in motor racing; they were artists at their work." Quote from Jackie’s own book.

"Self-published books have a certain look and feel - and some seem to surface through vanity rather than because there is a worthwhile tale to tell. This is not of that ilk. First-hand accounts of life with such as Brabham and Tyrrell paint a vivid account of the period, but it's the tales of road trips between continental races - living on prize money and cooking meals on a small stove at the roadside - that give this its charm.  Rutherford also pays tribute to the quality of Belgian chips as much a fact of life in 1967, apparently, as it is now.
Motorsport – Simon Arron.

"While this is an autobiography on Max's life a great deal of the book is spent giving us some excellent detail about the years 1965 to 1970.  All the famous names were there then and Max knew them all — Jack Brabham, Denny Hulme, Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart plus many others. He worked on their cars, built some cars and made personal friends with many of them. This story is well worth telling and Max has a great way of telling it. Highly recommended to anyone of the racing car fraternity.    Beaded Wheels---Kevin Clarkson



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