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The roots of Ocean View Speedway were formed back in 1971 when Roy Eaton and Paul Carrick hatched the idea to develop a stockcar track at Landguard Bluff, adjacent to Wanganui Airport and overlooking the Wanganui River and Tasman Sea hence the name Ocean View Speedway. It was waste land before they started.
Eaton had raced successfully in Palmerston North since 1963, being a member of the Palmerston North Panthers in his Valiant powered stockcar with the cut-down Jowett Javelin body. Carrick had also previously raced stockcars but had long given away competitive driving. The work on developing the track was completed by a local contractor with the help of the Wanganui Stockcar Club and other keen competitors. Estimates of the cost to build the track seem to have settled in the region of $20,000.00.
People like Warwick Sisson were co-opted to grade the track and Charlie Berntsen helped build the toilet block. The biggest problem in the early development was the weather being too hot for the grass to take properly resulting in bare, dusty terraced surrounds and a dusty track. But with the all work completed Ocean View Speedway was ready to run under the banner of Ocean View Speedway Ltd promotion under the control of Eaton and Carrick.

It still runs today. Below is a photo of Peter Drake at Wanganui in 1974.