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This track was in Grafton Gully in the centre of Auckland City, somewhere near Grafton Bridge where the motorway runs now.  It was a break away group from Western Springs Speedway in 1945, and it was run by Gerry Mathieson and Jack Malcolm.  It only ran about 4 or 5 meetings then closed down.  Originally it was the main ground for soccer in the city, prior to Newmarket Park being set up.  They only had 9 midgets and I remember the track was so dusty you could hardly see the cars.  To make up a program they had wood chopping events, and running races for the kids.  I actually won a race there one day for 8 to 10 year olds, so I guess I can say I have won a race on a speedway!. (This info was received from Gordon McIsaac of the "Speedway Hall of Fame" in Auckland) After the place closed the drivers were banned from racing at the Springs for a year, so they raced at Palmerston North.  

The photo shows two midgets lined up to race. On left is # 1 John Gwillian and
# 75 Merv Sutherland on our right.

My thanks to Gordon McIsaac for details.

The photo below is the park around 1940.